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As the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said nearly 2500 years ago, "All disease begins in the gut." And he wasn't wrong. Science and medical research has been showing this to be true. 

Leaky Gut Syndrome is real and impacts millions of people. Normally caused by antibiotic use or other medication use, a leaky gut allows the toxins and bad bacteria to literally leak into your bloodstream, leading to poor overall health and well-being. In many cases, leaky gut may have been going on for years or even decades on the inside of one's GI tract. When the microbiological biome of the gastrointestinal tract is restored, inflammation and disease is calmed and often reversed. Body systems can function as they were meant to, brain fog clears, cognition improves, fatigue dissipates and energy increases. It's a marvel to witness and thrilling to read the many journal articles and medical reports about the wide variety of cases being helped by gut health therapy.

Lisa has had her own personal experience with leaky gut and autoimmune disease which she battled for many years. Once she started using a combination of all the elements of pre, pro and post biotics along with plant-based essential nutritional components needed to heal her gut, her severe gastritis and reflux disappeared overnight. This may not be everyone's experience this part of her journey has made a believer out of her. Her testimony has been featured on Facebook and has inspired many who have also suffered similar illnesses and disease.

Lisa also has to her credit weight loss coaching and program design in her years as a medical provider.  She retired from allopathic medicine this past year but continues helping others by sharing tips, nutritional information and educate about gut health and healing. To view the plant-based products she uses herself for health and maintenance, click here.



Energy Healing Therapy, Reiki and Qigong are ancient methods of healing based on the principle of restoring free and uninterrupted energy flow which become impeded by negative emotions, patterns of thought, experiences, poor health and nutrition. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated and restored. 



Intuitive medicine is another ancient tool used by shamans, medicine men and women, and gifted healers throughout the world since man began. Practitioners use their innate spirit-connected abilities and sensitivities to delve into the energy fields of the client to discover root causes and even treatments for body imbalances which have resulted in dis-ease processes and illness.



Psych-K®️ is a non-invasive, powerful process derived from neuroscience research and ancient mind/body wisdom which allows change of subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging, It is an interactive process and unique blend of various tools, some contemporary and some ancient, It. goes beyond the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking. It is especially effective for behavior/habit change, wellness and stress reduction.  Personal experience with this amazing ​​therapy inspired me to study and learn the basic and then advanced methods of Psych-K®. It is the backbone of Lisa's alternative medical practice because of its powerful life changing results.