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Clarity In Costa Rica

Vacations are great for many reasons. I found while on this latest trip that I felt more removed than ever before. Maybe its because it was the longest time I’ve spent being in another country. Disconnecting from electronics and routine daily stresses gave me the chance to gain some clarity about the direction my life is going and where I want to take it. I frankly think every one should make and take the time to reflect in a peaceful spot, a neutral space that doesn’t hold residual energy and patterns. New perspectives and revelations can be born in neutral places. Thats clarity. And that is the biggest gift I received from this trip to Costa Rica.

The other great gift I received was finding out that I physically could handle the travel and walking. Although I haven't rehabbed enough to handle zip-lining or other physical outdoor activities like hiking, I was able to practice walking much of the time without a cane. It may not be much to other people but I managed to do between 5000-7000 steps each day. I’m getting stronger and stronger.

I discussed my intention to move to Costa Rica later this year with my surgeon the day before I left to fly down with my sister from another mother, Lisa K, my bff since the 6th grade. This trip was a celebration of not only surviving bone cancer but thriving since my final restoration surgery 1 year ago. It was also an important scouting trip to nail down where in the country I want to settle. I fell in love with the laid back Pura Vida lifestyle while visiting back in 2016. And now I am embracing the opportunity to make a real life change and continue my adventure down there.

Living in the Appalachian mountains for 12 years prepared me for a simpler community-focused style of living where neighbors help each other and deadlines are flexible based on whether its fishing or hunting season. If you’re an A type personality that likes to “make” things happen when you snap your fingers, then you had better live somewhere else. Thats the same thing with living the Pura Vida lifestyle. Family and friends are the treasure, not stuff. I love that.

At this point in my life I want minimalism and stress reduction to be my mantra. That is what I choose. Surround me with beauty and nature and I can zen out accomplishing more than I ever could in suburbia or city living.

Now in the last half of my life I want to help others find themselves and help them reconnect with their essence, their spirit, so they can feel genuine joy of living and treasure the moments they have. Life truly is too short and its a shame when we don’t put our own wellbeing first so we are able to help many other people. I've always believed we are on this earth for one another. We are meant to experience love, joy and abundant happiness. We actually have the ability to choose our experience each moment of every day. However if we do not do so consciously, we unconsciously will go with the flow around us. and many times that flow isn’t positive or fun. With practice we can change that to consciously choosing our experience preferences.

In coming blog posts I will share my vision and mission for helping others identify and create their Pura Vida paradise. I hope you will join me in this new adventure! Click to follow me.

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