Psych-K™ facilitators such as Lisa Nelson, work with people either one-on-one or remotely at a distance to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-supporting ones. This process involves muscle-testing to discover where the root of limitation lies and educational kinesiology techniques to change it. It is noninvasive. There is no need to delve into past trauma or experience. Confidentiality and 

The shift to self-supporting beliefs causes positive shifts in perception and the natural evolution of internal and external changes which are palpable in the form of self-appreciation, clarity, and ability to move forward into success and happiness in every area of their lives.

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If you aren't familiar with Psych-K and what it can do for you, please refer to the two videos below to learn more. The first one is with Rob Williams, the creator of Psych-K and the second one is with Dr Bruce Lipton who scientifically explains why Psych-K works.



Florida, USA