One of the tools Lisa uses in her intuitive health practice is Advanced Psych-K™. As a certified facilitator, she is able to work with people either one-on-one or remotely at a distance to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-supporting ones.


"How does it work?"

This process involves muscle-testing to discover where the root of limitation lies and educational kinesiology techniques to change it. It is noninvasive, compassionate, and very gentle. There is no need to delve into past trauma or experience and re-live those details. Confidentiality is always closely guarded. Lisa wants you to have a positive experience, with the primary objective that you feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process.

"How can this change my life for the better?"

The shift to self-supporting beliefs causes positive shifts in perception and the natural evolution of internal and external changes which are palpable in the form of self-appreciation, clarity, and ability to move forward into success and happiness in every area of their lives.

If you aren't familiar with Psych-K and what it can do for you, please refer to the two videos below to learn more. The first one is with Rob Williams, the creator of Psych-K and the second one is with Dr Bruce Lipton who scientifically explains why Psych-K works.

"What does she charge?"

Rates are $70 per hour and payment is made at the time of booking. Refunds are available if appointments are canceled within 24 hours of appointment time. Otherwise credit for a future appointment is placed in escrow and good for 6 months from the time of original booking.

Gift certificates are also available.